Life Coaching

Are you ready to build a life of harmony and balance with your life calling?
Are you in a space of transition?
Need a reality check and a boost in your development?

Is coaching right for you?

  • Dissolve underlying and limiting beliefs, and develop discipline that works
  • Identify, clarify, and achieve your goals
  • Create incremental steps toward making your intentions real
  • Acquire tools that are rooted in your own awareness for your success
  • Balance the body, mind, and consciousness
  • Find your passion
  • Become more productive

Sessions may include the following: eating habits, herbs, Thai alignment technique, conversations, games, activities, and lifestyle recommendations along with special Yogic methods for unfolding higher capacities of aliveness, senses, and awareness. You will leave the session feeling alive, fully present to the moment—and ready to move forward.

Here are some powerful questions to consider —

  1. Can I honor and celebrate the unfolding of my path?
  2. How can I live in a way that makes me and in turn, the world feel more alive?
  3. How am I getting my message out there?
  4. How can I show up and be part of the transformation?
  5. What action can I take that will guide me to my next evolution?
  6.  Am I more committed to my calling or to my comfort?

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“Alena brings powerful yet gentle, loving presence and awareness to every interaction. She sees beauty in all. Through intuition and a depth of knowledge, she is able to help people uncover their innate wholeness and connection to the Source of Life, removing or resolving blocks in body-mind-spirit. You may find yourself transformed into your true likeness and potency, through healing encounters with Alena.”
-Terese R, LGPC

I worked with Alena for a year.  She has taught me many tools and techniques to draw upon in the time of need.  I have learned how to work through my anxiety and stress through these tools.  Her coaching has also assisted me with learning how to love myself for who I am and I am a beautiful person the way I am.  Alena is a calming and soothing soul.  I enjoyed working with her over the year.  Her teachings are continuing to teach me which is a great return on investment of myself. I couldn’t be happier!
-Nadine D

“Alena’s approach is warm and welcoming. One becomes both energized and relaxed quite easily in her presence. Alena has been encouraging, reassuring, and compassionate. She has a grounded presence that invites openness, awareness, and exploration of self and spirit. She will lead you on a journey that you won’t regret.”
-Elizabeth J