Fierce Compassion

Fierce compassion knows the full spectrum of humanity. It isn’t about how warm, glowing, and fuzzy we are. It goes beyond that. Sometimes compassion is bringing into our awareness the beings who have suffered. We must choose to look and feel straight into it. That is compassion. Compassions knows that there is a profound interdependence in this world and it steps into that with awareness. Compassion is about going to the grit of the experience. It’s coming to know, what does this hunch really feel like, intimately. Compassion is entering the shadow, the tyrant in each of us and really getting to know that.

If we see hatred out there, how do we come to see it in here?
If we see closed off-ness out there, how do we come to know it in here?
If we see love out there, how do we come to experience it in here?

Compassion is all-encompassing and unrelenting. Compassion is tender. It is also wrathful and fierce. It’s fierce because it’s not always easy. It’s important to note that wrathful compassion is different from anger. Wrathful compassion doesn’t have an agenda, hatred, hostility, or attachment to an outcome.
Can wrathful compassion come from a place of love and care?

Robert Masters says that we must work with emotion from a place of deep connectedness. Unconditional love calls for that. Fierce compassion calls for incredible wakefulness. When we receive fierce or wrathful compassion, it forces us to step into our inner knowing.

When working with fierce compassion–

Notice, what’s going on in the body?
How is the body communicating with the mind?
What’s the sensation living within?
Can you let the sensation spread, letting it be, without words or labels?
Notice sensation from the layer of the body, not just the mind.

Sometimes, simply being with what arises is the point of connection.
That’s the space that gives rise to information and processing.
This can look like meditation for many. It’s crucial to remember, it’s not that you just meditate, but what do you do when you meditate? Where do you go? Can you remain with the experience and embrace it fully? Can you see the power and wisdom in the experience itself?

Fierce compassion is the full spectrum of humanity. Everything we do makes a difference. This path is asking us for incredible awareness. It’s an ongoing practice and that’s what keeps humble and engaged.

May we be safe and protected
May we be happy and joyful
May we be healthy and resourceful
May we have ease and wellbeing

Thank you Charlotte Rotterdam for the well-grounded conversations, teachings, and expressions.

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