Kripalu Yoga provides you an opportunity to step fully into life and be in your aliveness. The practices are rooted in the space of compassion and loving-awareness.

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The Power and Depth of Kripalu Yoga (by Yoganand Michael Carroll)

This is an invitation into inquiry, encouraging you to listen to your own heart and body. Through this meditative movement, pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation you have the opportunity to heighten body awareness and you increase connection to yourself and to your spirit, both on and off the mat. You will not only increase flexibility, strength, overall fitness and health, but you may as well experience more joy and an expansion in your aliveness.
*60-90 minute group classes are available along with private yoga and meditation sessions as well.

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“A both energizing and peaceful experience with Alena. The movements flowed with a very organic feel. Her passion and natural ability for spiritual work was evident throughout the journey and into the discussion afterward. Much love to you! What a blessing!”
-Juliane H

“Alena is an amazing instructor! In my late 50s with health issues she took her time explaining each asana, the purpose and sprinkled in a little history to this yoga newcomer. The flow was slow and intentional and encouraged laughter when almost falling vs self criticism. Having meditated before, with her music selection and her watchful eye took me to a whole new level. Her effervescent spirit is infectious. Alena is much more than a yoga instructor… I highly recommend her classes!”
-Suzanne S.

“Alena’s yoga class is filled with intention and compassion. She not only brings awareness to the physical body, but Alena guides the class to explore inwardly, finding uncomfortable places and meeting them with grace. After her class I had a deep sense of awareness regarding my physical and emotional body both. I was also beyond relaxed. Her voice is so comforting and soothing; she has a true knowledge and connection with yoga and I would truly recommend taking a class with this goddess!”
-Racheal W

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