Reiki is an hour long energy work session designed to ease mental and physical imbalance. The technique involves a calming series of hand positions placed with the intention to free areas of the body that have become energetically stuck or injured. The energy field is soothed as the body subtly responds to its new fluidity. Some may feel the regenerating and pulsing effect, while others only become aware of a sense of lightness, and peacefulness.


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“I was provided with exceptional care and preparation before and after the Reiki session. The Reiki practitioner delivered care with a touch of gentle coaching and reassurance with a particular focus on my emotional needs. I highly recommend this Reiki service.”
-Michael C

“The energy during Reiki was wonderful, it overflowed everywhere. I left feeling reinvigorated and peaceful!”
-Dave S

“Healing sessions with Alena are amazing! With compassion and grace, she listened to my concerns. The first time I went to Alena, it was for Reiki to address and examine an irregular menstrual cycle. The relaxation and release through the energy work helped my cycle return to a regular schedule. The second time was for an abdominal release. Old emotional wounds were released and aches and pains learned how to heal. Physical pain and anxiety and depression were alleviated. Thank you, Alena!”
-Portia C.

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