Self Regulation

Self regulation is how one manages oneself. This includes emotion and impulse.
Self Regulation is a key that would benefit us to check into regularly.

A powerful statement I recently heard was, “power lies in personal containment and fluid adaptability.”

This means we must have self regulation to truly be in our truth. We can either be a victim or be self righteous. What is there’s more than that? What is there were a space in the middle?
To be a victim is to collapse into oneself, to make oneself small. To be self righteous is to take a strong posture. It’s the attitude of superiority. It can look like the person who says, “everything is fine”. These are both extremes that leave no room for true containment, for real inner strength.

In between the two rests humility and dignity. Humility says, “I have something to learn.” Dignity says, “I have a voice”. Within this, one must lead with the right amount of vulnerability.

“Power lies in personal containment and fluid adaptability.”

We must listen to the environment and individual in front of us. We must be aware of what the container can really hold. This container includes the one in front of us, and our own. We must notice when we are collapsing and when we are self righteous. We benefit when we are observant of our own extremes. When we notice, we can name that which is arising. We contain what needs to be contained and release only what is beneficial for that moment that will at the same time received. We notice the container of the one in front of us and we respect that. We don’t need to overfill.

We remember that, “Power lies in personal containment and fluid adaptability.”

How do you contain yourself? For the sake of what?
Are there any action steps you can take today that will help you rest in the center- within dignity and humility?

Thank you to my friend, Aya for the enriching conversation that inspired me to share this post.